This campaign is all about people with HIV sharing the things that contribute to their own good quality of life.

In our MOMENTS videos, our eight positive peers talk about enjoying great moments and the things they do to make more of them. All our peers place fundamental importance on being on the right HIV treatment. But clearly, good quality of life is about so much more. A new video in this series will be released every couple of weeks until March 2017.

In DISCUSSIONS, our peers discuss some of the important aspects of living well with HIV. They compare experiences in RELATING TO YOUR DOCTOR and share information in THE RIGHT HIV TREATMENT. They personally relate to the need for MAINTAINING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH and all recall the milestone of REACHING UNDETECTABLE. There are eight themed videos in all.

OTHER MOMENTS is a collection of even more positive peers relaying great moments and the things they do to make more of them.

There are also some easy to read pages to help you become more HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONNECTED.

This campaign is designed to help and encourage people to take action in their own lives. We want the videos to reach as many people as possible, so please share them with anyone you think might appreciate them.



NAPWHA would like to acknowledge…

Our eight positive peers: Abby, Craig, Dai, Jose, Ruan, Stephen, Theo and Zainab for their generous spirits and for sharing their moments so honestly

Our other positive peers: Bill, Cipri, Crhistian, Daniel, David, Gavin, John, Kath, Lara, Mark, Paul B, Paul C, Richard and Wills

Kojo for their most excellent filming, editing, design and website build

Raf and Way for their superb stills photography

Sally Cameron for drafting copy for the site

Jason Rostant for pulling the campaign proposal together

Ruan Uys for his skills with Social Seeder

Andy Groome for maintaining the website

Adrian Ogier for designing and developing the campaign

Aaron Cogle for campaign management


ViiV Healthcare Australia for the generous unrestricted educational grant that made Good Quality of Life happen