Good quality of life starts with the right HIV treatment

This is where people with HIV share some great moments as well as the things they do to maintain a good quality of life including being on the right HIV treatment

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  • Jose


    Cooking with his partner is one of those moments when Jose realises that everything in his world is in place and life is good.

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  • Craig


    Some people believe that things happens for a reason but Craig gives reason to things that happen. And he really loves rugby practice.

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  • Zainab


    Isolated for many years with her children, Zainab first found her voice and then her muscles. Now she is proud to be part of our community.

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  • Theo


    Theo felt truly happy when he found himself serving his community, surrounded by role models and supported by his partner.

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  • Stephen


    When Stephen's world is troubling him, he finds a quiet space to sit down with pen and paper and he starts to write.

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  • Abby


    A good solid exercise routine helps Abby stay well. Which is particularly important when you're working towards a law degree.

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  • Dai


    Dai's life found structure when he started caring for his two dogs. They also help keep him healthy and happy.

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  • Ruan


    Ruan surrounds himself with people he cares about. And if things get too much he has his own strategy for getting away from it all.

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